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Hyper Kung Fu Series

Philip Sahagun and his team bring us a creative look at key postures and fundamental movement patterns to explore the unique techniques of staff. This training program is broken down into a easy to learn format which includes a look at foundational movments and a four section routine.

The Chinese Staff is known as the “Grandfather of all Weapons” is typically composed of white wax wood with one thick end as the base and a thinner end near the tip. It’s techniques cover a myriad of ranges and have a large variety of methods between various styles. In the hyper form, the Staff techniques draw from Northern Wushu, Southern Style Staff and Shaolin Eye brow height staff.

Each video in this series is different so every time you train you will be introduced to new fundamental movements, combinations and movement patters that will encourage you to grow in body, mind and spirit. This plan will strengthen your understanding of traditional martial arts techniques presented in a unique and creative set of modern movements.

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