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June 13th, 2024 - June 24th, 2024

Hosted by The JC Stunt Team & Philip Sahagun

This is your chance to train in the Art of Action Filmmaking with Cinema Icons the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. For more than 40 years, the JC Stunt Team has been recognized as one of the most renowned and experienced stunt teams in the world, responsible for some of the most spectacular athletic feats and action scenes in movies such as Rush Hour, Police Story, and many others.


During this training camp, you will have the unique opportunity to learn from true masters of their craft. Not only will the JC Stunt Team teach you the fundamentals of camera ready martial arts and stunt work, they will also share their knowledge and experience in choreographing fight scenes, and action performance.


As an added bonus, this summer camp is a direct opportunity for the JC Stunt Team to discover new talent. Aspiring stunt performers and action designers will have the chance to showcase their skills and potentially be considered for future projects. 

Join us for this amazing event and create memories to last a lifetime. Limited spots are available, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to train with some of the world's best. The JC Stunt Team looks forward to meeting you!



1. Make sure you are 18 and up with a Valid Passport!

2. Fill out our online application.

3. We will go over your application, if you pass this phase we will send you a waiver, and link for online payment.

4. Complete your course payment and submit your waiver with a picture and photo copy of your valid passport.

5. Get a flight landing in Beijing, China (PEK) on June 13th, 2024 (Check to see if you need a Travel VISA)

6. Send us a copy of your itinerary and that's it, we will see you in China!

Your deposit must be received within 72 hours of Invoice of your acceptance email in order to secure your spot. Spaces to this event are limited. The remainder of your camp balance must be paid within 90 days of making your deposit or your spot will be passed on to the next person on our waiting list.


Travel Information

Arrival and Departure Airport - Beijing International Airport (PEK Only)

Camp Arrival Date - June 13th 2024 - Departure Date - June 24th, 2024

On our arrival date, Camp buses will be available to transport you from the (PEK) Airport to our Hotel at 9 am and 3 pm Beijing standard time. Taxis are available from the airport for purchase out of your own pocket. (We will give you a brochure to direct you from the airport to the hotel safely) We will be training for the first seven days of our camp, at the Jackie Chan Stunt Team Headquarters in Beijing. After we finish our training program, you will get to visit the historical Great Wall of China. On departure day, participants of our Action Film Camp will be provided a Bus from the Hotel to the (PEK) International Airport at 8:00 am, please note that airport arrival can vary due to Beijing traffic (expected drive time to the airport is between 30 min.) Please notify us if you are planning on prolonging your stay. 




Accommodations + Stunt Training + Wire Work Day + Great Wall + Summer Palace.


Accommodations + Tourism (For additional non training persons such as significant others and guardians) 

Late Registration:    Additional $200 USD (For any application placed after April 30th.)



Sample itinerary

06.13.24 - Arrival PEK

06.14.24  - JC Welcome & Training

06.15.24 - JC Stunt Training

06.16.24 - JC Stunt Training

06.17.24 - JC Stunt Training

06.18.24 - JC Stunt Training

06.20.24 - JC Stunt Training

06.21.24 - JC Stunt Training

06.22.24 - Tourism Day

06.23.24 - Tourism Day 2

06.24.24 - Departure Day

Schedule is subject to change*


What is Included in this trip?
- Training 7 Days with the JC Stunt Team

- Visiting The Great Wall of China and The Summer Palace
- Photos and videos taken of
your training
- Chinese to En
glish Translation
- Accommodations within China 

- Commemorative Gifts + Certificate
- Shuttle bus to and from the airport
- Breakfast at Hotel

What will we be eating?
A hotel breakfast of fresh fruit, hot items and local dishes will be included. Lunch and Dinner is not included, however, you will have time to dine outside and immerse yourself in the rich and diverse culture of Chinese cuisine. Night Market? Vegetarian? No problem. It's time to discover Beijing.


Can we take pictures?
Due to privacy reasons there should be no pictures taken and no filming unless directed by the JC Team. This includes any posts that would give away the training centers location such as the building's exterior or the pathway to the training center. However you can rest assured that everyone will be given a chance for group and personal photos when directed by the JC Team.


Where are we training?
This is an exclusive opportunity to train at the JC Stunt Team Training Center in Beijing, which is not open to the public! The same place where members of the JC Stunt Team train actors and design fights for upcoming projects.


How will we be getting from the hotel to our training location?

Participants will walk to our training location which is less than 10 minutes away from our Camps hotel. On day one of our camp, our group will together, afterwards participants will be able to walk or even jog to their class following breakfast. 

Will Jackie Chan attend the Camp?
There is no plan for Jackie himself to attend the camp. However, you will learn from members of Jackie's world renowned Stunt Team who have trained and performed stunts on some of Jackie's biggest films. 

What is not included in this trip?
- Airline tickets to China (Beijing PEK)
- Travelers Insurance
- Chinese Visa
- Personal Shopping
- Personal Taxi's
- Lunch & Dinner Meals


It was an awesome experience and a dream come true! It was so precious to learn from the best of the best! I can’t even describe the feeling! I was so full of emotions all the time. I learned so much about the physicality, about the filming, about the team work and about why JC and JC stunt team are really the best!


Overall this was the best experience I ever had. Seeing my childhood hero's training center and team, was just incredible. I am very grateful for everyone.


The trip was a dream come true in more ways than one. Training and learning from the JC stunt team was amazing. All of the coaches and even other team members created such a great environment. It’s what we all dreamed of as kids. I’ll never forget it.


Looking to write your own story? Join the distinguished ranks of our Camp attendees. It's your turn, Journey to the heart of China to train with Cinema Icons.

JC STUNT _ Instagram 2_edited_edited.jpg


In 2023 we hosted the first ever JC Stunt Camp in Beijing. Over the course of two events, forty five people hailing from fifteen different countries gathered in Beijing to study the art of action film making with some of the worlds best, the Jackie Chan Stunt Team.

What does the program include?

- Training with the JC Stunt Team

- Guest speakers on action film

- Artistic and creative challenges

- Visiting two historical sites in Beijing

Philip Sahagun 

Head Coach K-STAR Training Academy

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