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Welcome to the Kung Fu Heroes website. An online community made up of artists, athletes and teachers united by our love for the martial arts and the wisdom it has to offer.

We utilize modern technology to share the benefits of martial arts to all those who are on a path of self-improvement. Soon we will be offering online training programs, products through our online store and live services which include instruction and performance.

01 Online Training

Our online training programs features a handpicked team of top coaches and athletes who are each internationally recognized in their field. Our programs cover fitness, flexibility, classical movement patterns, health movements and more! Didn't find what your looking for? Be sure to join our mailing list so you can get a first look at our upcoming releases.





The Kung Fu Heroes have sourced high quality goods for athletes and enthusiasts alike. Our products include clothing, weaponry, accessories and learning tools such as educational training programs and digital downloads.

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02 Online Store
03 Training Camps

Workshops and Training Camps by the Kung Fu Heroes provide an authentic training experience that sheds light on the historical wisdom found in martial arts practice. Members of our team have taught in Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Fortune 500 Companies both Domestically and Internationally on topics such as performance enhancement, Martial Arts theory, eastern philosophy, meditation, health exercise, positive living, Shaolin Temple culture, modern & traditional Martial Arts, classical weaponry, acrobatics, and rou gong (Yoga).





The Kung Fu Heroes are recognized for developing projects in a variety of industries for leading clients. The team has been featured on television, film and stage for the likes of Tina Turner, Jackie Chan, Cirque du Soleil and more, the Kung Fu Heroes unique brand of artistry and athletisicm has and continues to inspire audiences throughout the world through Martial Arts and Cultural Showcases, Action Design, Fight Choreography, Stunts, Martial Arts Seminars and Training Camps.

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